Monday, October 27, 2014

Lacon Rhymes With Bacon

By Lee Vue, Paddle Forward Team

The welcome sign at the Lacon marina.
The small town of Lacon will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our time there was filled with so many good moments and overwhelming generosity from the locals. We arrived in Lacon early in the afternoon after battling a headwind from Henry for 8 miles.  We left our canoes at the marina and walked into town, stopping at the Marshall County Historical Society for a quick tour. The place has wonderful displays on the second floor and old farm tools in the back of the first floor. We were extremely fascinated by the collection of hundreds of wooden potato smashers.

The others had gone back to the Marina to prepare dinner while Anna, Jess, and I decided to stop by Julie’s Corner Store because we were beckoned by the huge word of “FUDGE!” We were looking around the store when Julie greeted us and asked about what we were doing in town since it was obvious we weren’t from around the area. There was a moment of miscommunication when Julie was telling us about a group of guys paddling the river and we were telling her about our river trip. Finally, the moment of realization occurred when we figured out that she was talking about us!  Julie was part of the welcome committee for our visit to Midland High School that was happening in a few days. She was excited to meet us and then she took a picture of us so she could post it on her Facbeook and gave us free fudge! She also walked us over to the local coffeeshop, The Coffee Hub, and gave us a gift card to use there. We were so overwhelmed with gratitude that smiles and constant “Thank You” were all we could manage.

Giddy as children, the three of us rushed back to the marina to meet the others for dinner. Everyone was super ecstatic to hear about Julie and then we ended up consuming a pound of fudge for dessert. Since we needed to complete adventure-learning tasks and needed WI-FI, we went back to The Coffee Hub to do some work. As the evening approach, Julie sought us out and asked us if we were interested in sleeping overnight in the coffeehouse. Of course, we accepted the offer because we would be dry, warm, and have access to WI-FI all night.  We had a lot of fun arranging our bedrolls around the tables and chairs.

We want thank everyone in Lacon especially Julie who made us feel extremely welcomed and spoiled. We will continue to share our stories of our experience in Lacon for years to come.

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