Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Future of Paddle Forward

In fall 2013, Wild River Academy sent eleven young adults down the length of the Mississippi River under the name Paddle Forward. This expedition was originally envisioned as a one-time event. After 70 days of thinking time and conversation on the water, Wild River Academy staff began to envision a new role for Paddle Forward Expeditions under Wild River Academy's umbrella.

Paddle Forward trips do more than just take a few ambitious young adults out to experience urban water trails. Our goal is to implement an adventure learning model to engage students all across the nation in watershed education.

Adventure learning is an educational model that provides students with opportunities to explore real-world issues through authentic learning experiences within collaborative online learning environments, and is anchored in experiential and inquiry-based learning. Teachers can register as a River Ambassador school to follow Paddle Forward expeditions, access watershed curriculum resources, receive trip updates, send paddlers questions and comments in the field, and request the expeditioners to visit specific towns and schools along the route.

Watershed education is what we are all about. Whether we are presenting for a class, sharing our story online during a Paddle Forward Expedition, or leading students down their local river, we strive to deepen our society's understanding of what makes a healthy watershed.
The Mississippi River Watershed

We paddled the Mississippi River. Now, every fall, we are going to paddle the length of its major tributaries. Starting with the Illinois River in 2014. Moving to the Minnesota River in 2015. If you have any connections for us in these areas, please email paddle@wildriveracademy.com.

This year's expedition has something/someone that last year's trip did not. You'll be hearing from her in our next blog! Just know that we are PUMPED about the future of this program!

With love,
The WRA Team
Nick, Natalie, Liz, Anna

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